How To Install Vinyl Straps

Replacement straps must be heated in order to stretch
them onto the furniture frame. We recommend that you
wear gloves to protect your hands.

Step 1: Heat the Vinyl Strap
Heat a large pot of water to just under the boiling point.
Roll a strap and heat it in the pot for approximately
two minutes.

Remove the strap with a pair of tongs, and dry it with
a towel.

Step 2A:
Strapping for Single-Wrap Method

Push a single-wrap pin through each end of the vinyl
strap. Position one end of the strap
 at a hole on the
frame. Push the pin through the hole
 until it locks
(Figure 1A). Stretch the strap around
 the front to the corresponding hole on the right side of the furniture
(Figure 2A); push the remaining pin
 through the hole
on the backside of the frame, and
 lock it into place
(Figure 3A).

Step 2B:
Strapping for Double-Wrap Method

Double-wrap method. Push a double-wrap pin into each end
of the strap. Position one end of the strap at a
 hole on the
frame (Figure 1B), and push the pin through
 the hole. Wrap
the strap around the bar once (Figure
 2B), covering the
double-wrap pin (Figure 3B).

Stretch the strap around the front to the right side of the furniture below the corresponding hole (Figure 4B), then
wrap around the frame upward towards the hole
 (Figure 5B).
Push the pin into the hole (Figure 6B).
 Adjust the strap
(Figures 7B and 8B).

Selecting a Color
Vinyl strap is available in assorted colors and widths
well as 50-, 100- and 200-foot rolls and pre-cut/hole punched. Please go to Colors for availability. Because computer monitors are notoriously inaccurate for color,
Patio Furniture Supplies recommends you order color 
samples before ordering vinyl rolls or pre-cut straps. 












Figure 1
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