How To Install Vinyl Straps

How To Do It Yourself With Patio Furniture Supplies

Installing vinyl straps is a simple process of cutting the strap, drilling holes, heating and stretching the strap and securing it to the frame. See instructions with photos on how to measure vinyl straps. 


Step 1: Cut and Drill the Vinyl Strap
Cut the strap with a heavy pair of scissors or something
you would use in the garden. Next drill a hole at each
end of the strap. Hole size should match the size of
the hole in the frame.

Step 2: Heat the Vinyl Strap
Replacement straps must be heated in order to
stretch them onto the furniture frame. We recommend
that you wear gloves to protect your hands.

Heat a large pot of water to just under the boiling point,
about 200 degrees. Roll a strap and heat it in the pot
for approximately two minutes.

Remove the strap with a pair of tongs, and dry it with
a towel.

Step 3A: Single-Wrap Method of Strapping
With the single-wrap method, the head of the rivet or
pin can be seen after installation. 

Push a single-wrap rivet through each end of the vinyl
strap. Position one end of the strap
 at a hole on the
frame. Push the pin through the hole
 until it locks
(Figure 1A). Stretch the strap around
 the front to the
corresponding hole on the opposite side
 of the furniture
(Figure 2A); push the remaining rivet
 through the hole
on the backside of the frame, and
 lock it into place
(Figure 3A).

Step 3B: Double-Wrap Method of Strapping

With the double-wrap method, the head of the rivet or
pin is covered by the second wrap and cannot be seen. 

Push a double-wrap rivet into each end of the strap.
Position one end of the strap at a hole on the frame
(Figure 1B), and 
push the rivet through the hole. Wrap 
the strap around the bar once (Figure 2B), covering
double-wrap rivet (Figure 3B).

Stretch the strap around the front to the opposite side 
of the furniture below the corresponding hole (Figure 4B),
then wrap around the frame upward towards the hole
(Figure 5B). Push the rivet into the hole (Figure 6B). 
Adjust the strap (Figures 7B and 8B).

Step 3C: Convert from Slot Method
If your furniture has slots that the straps fit into,
then you’ll need to convert it by drilling a 1/4" hole
near, not in, the slot and securing it with a Short
Shank Rivet (Part #30-516). Use the Single-Wrap
Method (Step 3A) to install.

Step 3D: Lacing Patio Furniture
Lacing a diamond, square or other pattern on
patio furniture requires concentration, patience,
attention to detail and time. Keep one like piece
of furniture to use as a pattern. Start the lace
where the pattern starts and follow closely.

Selecting a Vinyl Color
Vinyl strap is available in assorted colors and widths
as well as 50-, 100- and 200-foot rolls and pre-cut and
hole punched; see the color chart. Patio Furniture
Supplies recommends ordering samples before ordering
vinyl rolls, pre-cut straps or lace to help in color selection.












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