Frequently Asked Questions

~ Orders & Products ~

Q. I ordered slings a week ago, but my order still says "Processing." 
How come?

When orders are placed, their status is "Processing" and when an order ships, 
the status is changed to "Complete." Slings are custom made and normally ship 7-10 
days after receipt of payment. Premium umbrellas with covers in Grade A+ Exclusive,
Grade A - Select, Grade B - Premier or Grade C - Sunbrella fabrics normally ship in
approximately 21 days and 30 day during the summer. Pre-cut straps are cut to the length
specified in your order and may take up to 7 days. Winston Factory Slings and Cushions
are subject to Winston’s shipping times and policies, and normally ship from Patio Furniture
Supplies 4-6 weeks after receipt of payment for the order (5-6 weeks in the summer.) 

Q. The vinyl tires I ordered are too small to fit the rim. Did I measure wrong?

No, the tire needs to fit snugly. Installing a tire can be easier by first placing it in 
hot (not boiling) water for a few minutes. The heat will make the tire more pliable and 
easier to stretch onto the rim.

Q. How can I get the swivel chair seat bushing on without breaking it?

Position the bushing’s narrower end atop the upright base’s hub. Place a block of wood over the bushing and hammer the bushing into the hole.

Q. The Round Insert Cap Glide 1 1/2" (30-614) is too large. What part do I need?

You most likely have the right part. That cap glide is meant to fit tight so it won't 
come out. Use a hammer to get the glide in the chair foot. The ridges on the outside of
the glide will be shaved off. And with a couple of whacks, they'll be secure and centered. 

Q. How thick is the vinyl strap? Is it good quality?

Our vinyl strap is commercial grade and .112"-.115" thick. Our strap has no filler and is virgin vinyl.

Q. Where can I see the patterns and colors of your sling material?

Click on "Colors" at the top of the page, and then click on one of the fabric grades.
The grade does not signify the durability or quality of the fabric, only the cost of the
fabric. You can also order samples. (Please see next question.)

Q. Can I get samples of the sling material or vinyl strap?

Yes, we encourage customers to see color samples because computer monitors rarely 
display true color. Click on Sample Fabrics under the "Slings" category or Sample Vinyl
Strap under the "Vinyl Strap/Rivets" category. You may choose up to six swatches; they
are to show color only. Your samples will be shipped within 5 days after receipt of payment. 

Q. I have Tropitone chairs and chaise lounges, but I don't see my product line 
listed on your website. Can I get replacement slings from you?

Yes, Patio Furniture Supplies has patterns for nearly all Tropitone, Brown Jordan, 
Woodard, LLoyd Flanders, Carter Grandle and Winston replacement slings. We continue 
to update the website, but if you don't see your manufacturer or product line, click on 
Contact Us at the bottom of the page to ask about your manufacturer or model.


~ Shipping ~

Q. I live outside the United States. Do you ship abroad?

Yes. To determine if we ship to your address, add the items to your cart, and on the cart page,
enter your country, state/province and zip/postal code under Estimate Shipping and Tax, and
click Get A Quote. If no rate is shown, you may still order. First, make arrangements with a
freight forwarder with a U.S. address, and then complete the order online using the forwarder's
shipping address.

Q. I see the McAfee SECURE logo. What does it mean?

The McAfee SECURE™ logo signals the security of the Patio Furniture Supplies 
site. Patio Furniture Supplies is tested each day and certified to pass McAfee’s
rigorous security tests. These scans help protect Patio Furniture Supplies’s customers
from identity theft, viruses, spyware and other online threats. McAfee, Inc. is the world's
largest dedicated security technology company.


~ Contact ~

Q. How can I call you?

The best way to reach us is via email as we are often able to answer emails more
quickly than returning phone calls. Please click on Contact Us at the bottom of the
page to submit your inquiry. But you may call us at 954.497.1106. 

Q. I live near your store and want to stop in. What are your hours?

Patio Furniture Supplies is not a conventional store but an online retailer. Our manufacturing
facility is not set up to receive customers. All transactions are handled online, by email
or over the phone. All orders are placed online, and all orders are shipped.

Q. Will I get spam email if I register to Patio Furniture Supplies?

Patio Furniture Supplies values your business and will never sell your personal
information. Our best interest is served by providing you with parts, supplies and
information so that you can enjoy your patio furniture. When you register, you'll be 
able to see the status of your order and view previous orders. It makes ordering in
future easier as all your shipping information has already been entered.