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 Type: Textilene® 2x2 Fabric
 Construction: 26 x 26 per square inch
 Width of Bolt: 54"
 Length of Bolt: 60 yards
 Uses: Slings, umbrellas
 Durabilty 1-10: 9
 Twitchell Corporation
  • Textilene® 2x2 Fabric is made of  Vinyl-coated polyester threads. 
  • These fabrics are one of the easier materials to install.

Twitchell-recommended Cleaning

  • Common dirt: Take care of stain promptly with warm water and strong detergent.
  • Mildew: Use strong detergent and warm water with bleach.
  • Beer or coffee: Use strong liquid detergent with warm water and white vinegar.
  • Berry juices, wine or blood: Use strong liquid detergent, warm water and ammonia.
F2-201 White