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 Type:  Phifertex® Stripes
 Construction:  42 x 14 per square inch
 Width of Bolt:  54"
 Length of Bolt:  Approx. 60 yards
 Uses:  Slings, umbrellas
 Durabilty 1-10:  9
 Phifer Incorporated
  • Phifertex® Stripes are made of 100% PVC threads and are woven in a striped pattern.
  • Phifertex® Stripes are some of the easier materials to install.

Phifer-recommended Cleaning

1 Tablespoon liquid dish detergent
2 Tablespoons household bleach
1 Gallon water
Clean fabric using sponge or soft cloth dipped in solution. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry. Avoid direct contact with oil-based products like suntan lotions and sunscreens, which may cause accelerated aging of fabric. Clean promptly if direct contact occurs.

L38 Stripe Poolside
L38 Stripe Poolside