How To Remove & Install Slings

Of the many brands and styles of patio furniture, installing slings is easier in some than in others. We strongly recommend you look at how your furniture is built before you begin. All “tight slings” are cut narrower than the frame and then tightened to the sling rails to achieve a tight sling.

Step 1: Remove Sling Rail Caps

Carefully remove the sling rail caps from the chair, and avoid scratching the finish. A flat-head screwdriver and a hammer may be required. 

Step 2: Remove Bolts from One Side

Remove the bolts holding one side of the sling rail to the chair frame. Most manufacturers use a 1/4" x 20 thread bolt; a 7/16" socket or a 3/16" hex head socket is usually effective. Use a ratchet to break the bolts loose, and remove them with a drill socket. (Figure 1)


Step 3: Remove Support Bars

The chair may have support bars. If they are straight, spread the sling rails apart by using a screw clamp that stretches instead of squeezes. If the support bars are curved, pull on the center while pushing on one end of the bar near the sling rail. (Figure 2)


Step 4: Remove the Old Sling

To remove the old sling, pull it through the sling rail. Sometimes a pair of pliers makes this job easier. If the sling will not be used as a pattern or for another purpose, cut it down the middle and remove it. (Figure 3)


Step 5: Install the New Sling

Insert the sling spline (included with your sling order) through the sling pockets (one on each side). Starting at the top, insert the sling into one sling rail; slide the sling to the end of the rail. Do not allow the sling to fold over the top of the sling rail, or it will tear. Detach the sling rail and install the sling in the other (attached) sling rail. (Figure 4)


Step 6: Replace the Bolts

Lay the chair on its side and replace the bolts using the drill socket. If the bolt does not reach the chair frame, loosen the bolts on the opposite sling rail, then tighten all the bolts. (Figure 5)


Step 7: Finishing Touches

If your furniture has support bars, reinstall them. If the support bars are curved, it may be necessary to hit the curve dead center with a rubber mallet to tighten the support bar (Figure 6). Cut the excess sling spline (Figure 7). Replace the end caps. 



Selecting a Fabric

Our slings are all custom-made and available in more than 100 solid colors and patterns. Please go to Grade A+ Exclusive, Grade A Select, Grade B Premier or Grade C Sunbrella fabrics for availability. Because computer monitors are notoriously inaccurate for color, Patio Furniture Supplies recommends you order samples of fabrics before ordering slings or premium umbrellas.

Figure 1