Vinyl Straps for your Patio Furniture Supplies

Our vinyl strapping for furniture comes in four widths and several lengths — we can even pre-cut the straps for you. Vinyl strap comes in 1 1/2" and 2" widths and is sold in rolls of 50, 100 and 200 feet. Or you can order the straps pre-cut to the length you specify. Just follow the instructions in our How To Measure Straps, and don't miss our How To Install Vinyl Straps. Vinyl strap is held in place by nylon rivets or aluminum clips. Click on the part for a description of when to use a particular rivet or clip. Aluminum clips usually can be re-used, but some customers like to order a few extras just in case.

 Vinyl LaceVinyl Lace 5/8" & 1Pre-Cut Vinyl StrapsPre-Cut Vinyl Straps

Vinyl Strap

Vinyl Strap 1 1/2" & 2"Sample Vinyl StrapSample Vinyl Strap

Vinyl lace is either 5/8" wide or 1" wide. The 5/8" vinyl lace strapping comes on a 900-foot roll while the 1" vinyl lace comes in a 225-foot length. Often, a single length of lace is woven in a diamond or square pattern. Keep one patio chair in tact to use it as a pattern for lacing your furniture, starting in the same spot and paying close attention to the pattern. Our vinyl strapping is 100% virgin vinyl with no fillers. It is commercial grade and is made in America. It measures .112"-.115" thick. Colors you ask? More than 40. So you see the truest vinyl strap color, you can choose up to six samples. So that you see the truest vinyl strap color, you can choose up to six samples. They're free; you just pay $5 for the shipping.

How to Install Vinyl Straps

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